‘Reclamation Is Everywhere, We Are Stranded’: Ancol Expansion A Divisive Issue In Jakarta

JAKARTA: “It is so hard to earn a living as a fisherman today. Years ago, my wife and children never had to ask me to make more money because it was enough. This area used to be wide open. We could fish and get paid. But not anymore. Reclamation is everywhere, we are stranded.”

Although Jakarta is a coastal city, this does not necessarily translate into ample opportunities for those in the fishery industry. Zabeni, 55, who goes by one name, has been fishing for over 40 years, but he has only now realised that the glory days for small fishermen like him might already be over.

Source : https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/indonesia-ancol-recreation-reclamation-jakarta-fishermen-13600428

‘Reclamation is everywhere, we are stranded’: Ancol expansion a divisive issue in Jakarta