‘Why Are You Here?’

Zoom fatigue. You've probably heard that phrase as much as 'unprecedented times'.

But I'm tending to find people want to constantly FaceTime/Zoom me rather than audio-call.

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PSA: Just because we're in a pandemic doesn't mean you can FaceTime people without a heads up!

While we're now familiar with the Zoom platform, not every contact you have with someone has to be via this medium.

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And let's be honest... if I have to look at my face one more time, I might have a meltdown.

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But research is showing that if you want to connect with someone... Zoom might not be the answer...

One study highlighted that, "Being able to see another person, did not make people feel any more connected than if they simply talked with them. A sense of connection does not seem to come from being able see another person but rather from hearing another person’s voice."(Kumar & Epley).

I spoke to communication expert Grazina Fechner and asked her 1. Can we please never Zoom again and 2. Why we should go back to audio calls.

Here's what she had to say:

"COVID hit as did ZOOM. We are attending six zoom meetings a day, with cameras on and people looking at you non stop. I challenge you to go back to the daggy good-ol fashioned phone call."

I strongly agree! What's another reason we should go "back to basics"?

Grazina says,

"Talking on the phone means you can walk around, leave your desk, get outside and still connect to people. With ZOOM fatigue at an all time high the thought of another chat on a virtual platform can turn people off.

So, to engage people remind yourself there are still so many other ways of engagement without having to re-apply your lippy!"

Griz also highlights the spontaneity of phone calls,

"Zoom meetings are planned, a phone call can be spontaneous, you can pick up the phone and just chat.".

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So there ya have it. Here are all the expert opinions and data you've needed to give up Zoom! *Virtual high-5*

Only kidding. Zoom definitely has it's place... but remember phone calls are also really important and break up our days! And might even be better for connecting with someone as-well!

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Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-you-should-choose-phone-call-over-zoom-stay-jayme-lee-fechner

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