7 Podcasts To Listen To This Fall, According To Advisory Board Experts

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? We invited seven experts at Advisory Board to reflect on this question and explain how that advice has helped guide them in life. Below are their responses:

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1.  Following your passion is terrible career advice

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods, Managing Director, Executive Insights and Host of Radio Advisory Podcast

Technically this advice wasn't given directly to me, but I listened to it as part of Adam Grant's podcast "Work Life". It's such a popular episode that it's been repeated on their feed for years. The advice is simple but a bit counterintuitive. Grant argues that passion is a terrible predictor of career satisfaction. "Doing what you love" sets up an impossible standard that most of us will never achieve. Not to mention the fact that a singularly passion-driven career makes it even harder to create work-life balance. After all, if it's your passion shouldn't you be doing it all the time?

Instead of following your passion—seek out a role where the small things that make up your day-to-day give you energy. The activities on your calendar should make you excited to hop out of bed and head to the office, even if the office is the desk you added to your guest bedroom last March. Think about it: your career could be centered on your life-long dream of saving the whales (which is exactly what 10-year-old Rachel wanted to do). But if that means you are stuck in a dark room, working alone, writing memos all day—you might not be happy at all. Assuming, of course, that those things don't give you energy. 

I have cemented this guidance as my own north star, and it is the number one piece of advice I share with my staff, mentees, and other aspiring young leaders. At the end of the week, take a look at your calendar and really ask yourself if the sum total of your work activities gave you energy. If not? It might be time to look elsewhere. Just don't follow your passion when you do it. 

Source : https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2021/09/21/best-advice

The best advice we've ever gotten, according to 7 Advisory Board experts
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