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It is always a great pleasure in recalling the sweet memories of Birmingham. As it is difficult to forget the memories of early schooling and college stage, so is the association with the University. As my wife and my daughter, who was three years old at the time, were also with me for about three weeks, we regularly recall and share those moments spent in Birmingham.

When I came to Birmingham in January 1980, I was working as Dy. Director. Thereafter, I had elevation as Direction and Commissioner of Land and Housing Department in Delhi Development Authority. I also went to Singapore and Bangkok as a member of Expert Housing Group. Finally, I took over as Principal Commissioner, which is the top position in the organization.

Thereafter, I had Judicial Assignment for five years. On completion of the Judicial Assignment in early 2009 I was appointed as Principal Advisor (Capacity Building) with Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities. At present I am working as the Inquiring Authority with Delhi Development Authority.  I also visit the Faculty in the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. I keep participating in National and International Seminars and conferences. My paper on values in administration in a conference at Sofia, Bulgaria, and participation in a World Peace Conference at Washington were very much appreciated. I visited the USA five times and also visited Stanford, Berkeley and San Francisco Universities. 

I am Chairman of the Virsa Foundation and Managing Director of Amar Jeevan Charitable Trust. These two organizations are working in the field of Education, Health and upliftment of deprived families in New Delhi and areas of National Capital Region.

In my recent book on Challenges for a Mega City (Delhi Experience), I referred to the development of Milton Keynes. At present, I am working on another book – Delhi through Century.

Any news about Birmingham takes me back to the 1980s. I still remember the city centre, Five Ways on way to the University, University Tower and the University atmosphere, which was close to my heart.

Birmingham is a well-planned city. It is a mix of traditional architecture and modern physical infrastructure. I always remember Birmingham as a friendly, comfortable, receptive and warm city. I still remember the warmth of the faculty and staff members of the University.

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1980s Class notes