Team Arron Wood Revealed – Lord Mayor Elections

Capp was elected in a byelection in 2018, and came to office promising to be safe, steady and a healer. Some Town Hall observers say her task was made more difficult because she came in as an outsider, to a council group with established alliances.

Doyle's legacy still hangs over Town Hall. One councillor who had been on the former mayor's team, Labor member Nicholas Reece, is running this time as Capp's deputy lord mayoral candidate. Another, current councillor Beverley Pinder, is running on Wood's councillor ticket, and has stumped up $30,000 to the cause. Doyle's former chief of staff Amelia Bitsis and senior advisor Chanelle Pearson have set up their own media and government strategy firm, Squad Consulting, which has so far provided $5000 worth of help to Wood's campaign.

But Wood is setting his own policy agenda this election.

His policies so far include a 20 per cent discount on rates for commercial ratepayers; creating a City of Melbourne disability access fund to cater for the 20 per cent of city users who live with a disability; making Melbourne a start-up hub; providing free on-street parking until the end of summer, and allocating $1 million to extend the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project to reduce ratepayers’ energy costs.

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