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  • Number 10 has insisted that 'jabs for jobs' is a decision for individual companies, after a senior minister this morning said it was a "smart policy". 

    Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, said he could understand why firms such as Netflix, Google and Facebook were demanding that staff be fully vaccinated before returning to the office, although added: "Whether or not there should be hard and fast legal rules, we would need to look at that carefully.

    Mr Raab did not rule out insisting on two jabs to work at the Foreign Office, although noted that those with health conditions would have to be considered. 

    However Downing Street would not be drawn on the matter, instead stressing the value of getting a jab "both to protect yourself and your immediate family and those that you interact with". 

    Boris Johnson's spokesman said: "You would have to speak to the individual employers about their own policies but again I'll point you back to what the Prime Minister said about the importance of people coming forward and taking the vaccine given how effective we now know it is."

    However, ministers are still looking "to introduce vaccine certification at the end of September", he added. 

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