This Startup Has Filled Over 7 Million Prescriptions And Faciliated 50,000 Telehealth Visits

At Truepill, Sid Viswanathan is building the future of health care.


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How to Stay the Course, With Sid Viswanathan of Truepill

Sid Viswanathan and his co-founder Umar Afridi set out to create technology that could fuel the consumerization of health care. In 2016, they started Truepill with a focus on the pharmacy industry. Now, they power an end-to-end health care experience, have filled over 7 million prescriptions, and facilitate over 50,000 telehealth visits per week. Just three years after launch, Forbes named them to their Next Billion-Dollar Startup list. Viswanathan shares the LinkedIn outreach strategy that led him to Umar, how they bootstrapped Truepill in year one, and why he believes founding teams should be able to launch with only internal resources.

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This Startup Has Filled Over 7 Million Prescriptions and Facilitated 50,000 Telehealth Visits
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